Shaw guy on punic circle

Shaw Guy himself

Shaw Guy is an character who appeared in Greeny Phatom and Punic Circle , he is the rival of Little Guy and sometime is evil and some not. He can work for Gree Guy sometimes and sometimes he helps Chip fight him. He is normally good.


Little Guy (sometimes)

Dr. Beanson (sometimes)

Geo Guy

Chip (sometimes)

Chip 2

Chip 3


Little Guy (sometimes)

Dr. Beanson (sometimes)

Chip (sometimes)

Gree Guy

Flex (when he get anoyed by him)

Santed Sailor (sometimes)

Audrey McNikens (this keeps it as a secret)

Why He Hates themEdit

Little Guy and Dr. Beanson because they are his rival but sometimes he is an their friend

He hate Audrei McNickens because she love him and him not