Scott Pickleon (born Scotta Ogórkizalogujsię, 1971, Łódź, Poland) is a Polish voice actor, electronic music artist, aircraft pilot, and restaurant fry cook.

The Polish voice actor's own self portrait.


Scott was born at Centralny Szpital Kliniczny hospital to a Greek mother and a Polish father. They moved to West Kington, England when he was 3, then back to Warsaw, Poland when he was 4, and to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, USA, when he was 5. When he was a teenager, he got a job at the McDonald's in Hampton Beach. He was famous for flipping burgers fast at up to 134 mph. As an adult, in the 1980's, he became the voice of Flex on the recently new TV show, Punic Circle. He drew a railroad map for the town's Punic Circle Railway. He was the musical composer for Punic Circle the Movie. He took over the voice of Evil Chip, and is his current voice actor because sadly Evil Chip's old actor died of cancer. He was responsible for the murder of Ethana Peters. After many years of working for Punic Circle, he killed Ethana Peters because the show was boring. But, Scott was not arrested. Ethana was wanted by the FBI. Currently, he works as a storyboard artist in the hit show, The Sonic Show.