Punic Robuscus
Some attributes
First Directed by

Robert Jennings

Second Written by

Ethana Peters

Third Produced by


Other attributes
Fourth Editing by

Invader Rob

Fifth Studio(s)

Greenyworld Studios

Sixth Release date

April 12, 2014 (USA)

March 1, 2014 (UK)

July 2, 2014 (EU)

Punic Robuscus is a movie crossover with Robert's World and Punic Circle . The movie comes out April 12, 2014. It is rated PG.

Cast Edit

Robert Slave as himself

Ethana Peters as Chip

Geo G. as Geo Guy

Tom Kenny as Green Bob

Louis Harbauer as Chip's Father

Daniel Simms as Fletcher Chipson and Danny Guy

Nathan Vetterlein as The Scout

Michael Fontaine as Ellen and Julie Chipson and Audrey McNickens

Brian Bland as Himself

Scott Pickleon as Flex and Evil Chip

Sara Manley as Megan Chipson

Matt Smith as Little Guy

Jake T. Austin as Hev Guy and Hev Girl

Frank Welker as Troy the Stickman

Gree G. as Gree Guy and Gree Girl

Rob Paulsen as Pingux2012 and CookieEater

TjsWorld2011 as Andrew Hefgand

BrashGirl901 as MJ Williams

Finley Small as himself

John DiMaggio as Fraser Brown

Tara Strong as Amanda Windsor

Christopher Ryan as Satin Guy

Jeremy Shada as Dr. PBS


  • Punic Circle characters
  • Robert's World characters
  • Hev's World characters
  • Finley's World characters
  • Pingux2012's City characters
  • Gree City characters
  • PuffRuff School characters
  • Greeny Phatom characters

The poster for Punic Robuscus.