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Punic Circle also known as Punicville from Punic Circle the Movie 5. is a city in the state of Greenyland. It is the the second largest city in the state of Greenyland. The city has 998,456 people. It has 3 skycrapers. It is a clean, pure city. No one but Gree Guy littered in the city. Chip is the king of the city. It was founded in 1899 by John of Greeny City. He called it "Vinland" because of all of the vines and grapes there. He started conqurering it bits to bits, until in 1928 Mortimer Chipson, Chip's great uncle, he wanted Vinland peaceful, so he changed the name to "Punic Circle" due to its circular shape.
Chip s neighborhood

Punic Circle with Greeny City in the background.