George "Geo Guy" GoGo Conner is a character on Punic Circle, Geo's World, Greeny Phatom, Finley's World etc             

Geo's World\ Punic Circle/ Greeny Phatom character
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Geo Guy seen in Geo's World
Geo Guy
Gender: Male
Creation: Geo G.
First Appearance: ?
Age: 13
Episode count: All except "The Cure of Santed Sailor"

5 films 12 shows (Geo's World)

Friends and Relatives: Green Bob, Little Guy  and Dr. Beanson, Chip  (Friends) Gum (pet)

Coraline (Girlfriend)

Enemies: Evil people
Family: Gum (sometimes)

Liz Conner (mother) Tom Conner(father) Geo Girl(sister) Wally and Lumpy (brothers)

Voice: Microsoft Mike


He is mad but he can be friendly at times.


He has white skin, and white shirt.
Geo guy on punic circle

Geo Guy's Punic Circle apperance.


Evil people like Gree Guy.