Flex (born September 8th, 1982, died Saturday, April 10, 2013) was a bully that could pain everything. For example, he could hurt Chip and push or kick him. He was stewpeed.

Flex was born in Warsaw, Poland. His mom is named Julian Toughabs. (formerly Juliański Mężczyzna) His dad was named Russell Toughabs. (Formerly Głupi Mężczyzna). 

Flex himself
Character Information
Name Flex Anchor Toughabs (formerly Wygiąć Wytrzymała Mężczyzna)
Gender Male
Age 36
Voiced by Scott Pickleon


Painful TimesEdit

He can pain Chip easily.    
Punic Circle- Flex's Revenge (1995)-0

Punic Circle- Flex's Revenge (1995)-0


  • Chip
  • Chip 2
  • Chip 3
  • Chip 4
  • Chip 7
  • Audrey
  • Everyone in 066 Punic Circle except Gree Guy, Santed Sailor, Gangster Sailor, and Chip 9.
  • Windows ME

​Why does Flex hate everyone?                                                                                   Edit

He just does.




Flex was born as Wygiąć Wytrzymała Mężczyzna in Warsaw, Poland, to Juliański Mężczyzna, a slime girl immigrant from a forest tribe in Yugoslavia, and Głupi Mężczyzna, an Hong Kong-Polish man born in a village near Warsaw. On January 13, 1983, Soviet authorities unexpectedly gave the family 72 hours to go to Moscow to claim a lawsuit filed against them, so an Austrian actor helped procure an UK visa for them. Together they drove to the United Kingdom where they escaped. They then took a flight to America on a British Airways 747, where they moved to 066 Punic Circle. His mother and father died from listening to Doctor's annoying russian music, so he started to be a bully. On 4/9/2013 at 11:34 AM EDT, Flex was rushed to 066 Punic Circle General Hospital after having a stroke, and heart attack at the same time from eating a hot dog with botulism infected ketchup. He died at 5:12 AM EST the next morning. As a result of his death, his hat was donated to Gangster Sailor and Chip celebrated with a marathon of Punic Circle episodes where Flex is absent on The Greeny Channel. Flex was cremated and his ashes were flown by a Tupolev Tu-154M aircraft of the Polish Air Force to his birthplace of Warsaw, Poland.