Doctor or simply Dr. is an annoying Russian singer who sings annoying songs to Chip and his friends. 

Character Information
Name Dr.
Gender Male
Age  32
Voiced by Billy Crystal
First Appearance I Am Chip (Pilot)
Last Appearance Farewell Chip



  • Chip
  • Geo Guy
  • Some good characters.

About himselfEdit

Doctor was born in St. Petersburg in Russia. His mom moved to America while he was in college for 2 years. In the picture of Doctor, this is him from Greeny Phatom/Punic Circle. His parents blew up because Gangster Sailor and Flex set a bomb beside them. Doctor was devasted of his parents blowing up. So he started singing Russian songs. He moved to Punic Circle singing songs.
Dr. Greeny Phatom

Doctor, himself