Chip and the Magic Stick is a movie rated G that was released on August 28, 2001.           

Chip and the Magic Stick
Film information

Directed and created by

Ethana Peters


Ethana Peters

Sony Vegas

Written by

Geo G.


Music by


Editing by

Robert W. Stainton

Finley Small


20th Century Fox


Sony Wonder

Games Animation, Inc.

Klasky Csupo

Random House Home Video

Distributed by

Paramount Pictures

Release Date(s)

August 28, 2001 April 2, 2002 (IMAX release) March 3, 2004 (3D release)

Running time



United States


$30 million

Gross Revenue


Followed by

Punic Circle the Movie


Chip was in his bed and went to sleep but Gree Guy came in the background and told Flex to give a little punch, and he did. Unfortunely, Chip woke up screaming "HEY! FLEX! QUIT IT!" Well, Kitty and Gum  came to see what was going on so Kitty said, "Well I got no FEH to say right now." Gum was then pictured eating the sofa. The next morning Chip woke up eating cereal in his PJs. But then a shiny and brown colored stick scuirred to Chip quickly in an instant, hitting his eye. (Good thing he didn't get a black eye.) He then said he wished he put his milk in the cereal in the bowl before he ate it. His wish was granted by the stick. He then explained that the stick is magic. But the two bullies tried to snatch it from Chip but he shoved them away. Little Guy knocked on Chip's door. Chip answered and told Little Guy about the stick. Then Fletcher's Fun Facts came on and the quesiton is there really a such thing as magic sticks and Fletcher said no. Chip then attacked him in an instant as Fletcher wheezed repetitively and even Audrey came in the background. The background then came back to Chip's houseand Kitty and Gum were seen playing with each other. Chip held the magic stick in his hand and he said he wished that his computer booted by itself (as usual it did). But Flex ran to the computer and he to this link and watched to video and watched from 7:20-8:52 on YouTube many times privately. Link: and paused at 7:58 and Chip laughed hard and Flex's cheeks blushed. And he beat up Chip. (and Chip ignored him). Flex took the stick and will Chip and his friends get it or will Flex have it forever?


  • There is a deleted scene where Chip was touching the magic stick and Gree Guy gnaws on the stick after Gree Guy takes it from Chip.
  • This movie was released before Punic Circle the Movie.
  • Gree Guy tries to help find the Magic Stick too!
  • This is the only time Gree Guy shows as a hero.