Chip 2 is Chip's second clone.                                                                       

Chip 2
Character Information
Name Chip Chipson 2
Gender Male
Age 13
Voiced by Microsoft Mike
First Appearance ?
Last Appearance ?



  • Gree Guy
  • Chip (fake imposter)
  • Evil Chip
  • Chip 9

Why he hates themEdit

Cause they are evil.

How he was createdEdit

(Expired of Greeny Phatom again!!!!!! still love GP!) Chip and Fletcher were trying to destroy the statue of Gree Guy Gree Guy made, but Fletcher accidently fell down of their hot air balloon creating an explosion stealing some of Chip's DNA and Fletcher's color of his shirt creating Chip 2. Chip jumped off the hot air balloon while Gree Guy runs away scared.