All of his clones. From left to right. Chip, Chip 2, Chip 3, Chip 4, Chip 5, Chip 6, Chip 7, Chip 8, Chip 9, Chip 10.

Chip's Clones are of course, Chip's clones.


  • Chip created all of them.

 About the ClonesEdit

These are the imformation about the clones.

Chip 2Edit

Main article: Chip 2

Chip 2 was created accidently by Chip and Fletcher when trying to stop Gree Guy 's statue he made, Fletcher fell down which stole some of poor Chip's DNA and personality and Fletcher's color of shirt and created Chip 2, he introduced himself and scared away Gree Guy. ( a flashback of how he was created was shown on Punic Circle the Movie).

Chip 3Edit

Chip created him due to his first clone, Chip 2 being really awesome. He called his new creation, Chip 3. He was a clone of his and stopped Gree Guy's puns.

Chip 4Edit

He served Chip and helped with Julie's birth. He was the cook of the clones. He made Russian dishes for Chip at dinner sometimes. He stopped Gree Guy and Shaw Guy. (though he is sometimes a hero.) 

Chip 5Edit

Chip 5 was created during a train accident. Chip 2 was driving a EMD SD40-2 hauling cars loaded with logs on the Punic Circle Railway and he crashed the train into a tree and the wind stole Chip's personality and Dr. PBS' color of shirt and created Chip 5. He stopped Gree Guy and his minions.

Chip 6Edit

Dr. PBS created this clone for Chip. He stole his DNA on purpose and made Chip 6 for him. He hates Gree Guy and stopped him.

Chip 7Edit

The skiddish one of the tribe. He is shy around Megan and loves her secretly. He is best friends with Green Bob.

Chip 8Edit

The most independent clone. He is brave enough to fight Gree Guy. He hates him so horribly he once put the villiain in jail.

Chip 9Edit

Main article: Chip 9

He works for Gree Guy due to Chip skydiving and Chip screaming so loud due to Gree Guy hanging on to his backpack. The wind stole Gree Guy's DNA and Chip's DNA, also and created Chip 9, he worked for Gree Guy.

Chip 10Edit

Used to be a generous clone but he sacrifed himself to save Chip and Ellen's children. The explosion he made was so powerful he defeated Gree Guy.

Chip CloneEdit

A ordinary clone. Chip never really talks to him much. 

Chip Clone, himself.