• Puniccircle2012

    Chip met Robuscus

    November 7, 2013 by Puniccircle2012

    "Hello, I am Chip Chipson, the king of 066 Punic Circle. And I met a Punic Circle fan, his name was Robuscus/Robert Slave. He helped me edit an article called Punic Robuscus which is a crossover of Robert's World and Punic Circle. I did some work on it, but he helped me with the article, at first when he joined the Punic Circle Wiki, he asked to be an admin, so I made him one. He met me when that moment happened."

    -Chip Chipson, king of Punic Circle

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  • Robuscus2013

    I met Chip

    November 7, 2013 by Robuscus2013

    Hello, This is Robuscus. I met Chip Chipson for the first time on the Punic Circle wiki, and he made me an admin. BOOT EI GOT BLOKED. BECAUZ I SPAM ON WEEKEES AND MADE A HOARID WORLD TOOR.

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