Barney and Friends more like yhtdhrrrrrrrRRRR is a villanious group of dumb dinosaurs that force everyone to share or do stupid stuff.

The CharactersEdit


Barney, himself

Barney- The leader of the group, plans to force Chip and his friends to share. His best friend is Gree Guy.  He owns the Barney Headquarters that was blown up by Chip with an airplane.

Baby bop

Baby Bop, herself.

Baby Bop-  The yjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjyjihhhh sister of BJ. She is tortured by Barney if she messes something up. Her IQ is 1. She is obsessed with her yellow security blanket.



BJ, himself

BJ- Barney's minion that got wiped out by Chip when he blew up the Barney Headquarters. He obsesses over his dumb, ratted, red baseball cap.


Riff, himself.

Riff- Barney's new minion and he plays music loudly. He is very din. He is the cousin of Baby Bop and BJ.


Barney HeadquartersEdit

Chip blew up the Barney Headquaters with an airplane because Barney was threatening Punic Circle.DOES'NT MEAN YOU CAN DO THAT!!!!